What We Do

For fifteen years, with God’s grace and provision, we have been able to provide resources to meet the most basic needs including shelter, clothing, water and food along with economic, educational and training opportunities for the most persecuted and oppressed populations.  We have focused on women, children, and people with disabilities, enabling them to provide for themselves, their families, and break the cycle of poverty and oppression. In addition, we support the growth of individuals through housing, personal care, opportunities to learn a trade or attend school, and loan seed money to launch small businesses.

We have been invited to serve and know some of the most beautiful people around the globe and it has been a privilege and an honor. Some of the nations we have been fortunate enough to serve are:  

  • Kenya

  • South Africa

  • Burundi

  • Nigeria

  • Uganda

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Ethiopia

  • Kosovo

  • Albania

  • Puerto Rico

  • China

  • India

  • Afghanistan

  • Iraq

  • Jordan 

  • Israel

  • Uzbekistan

  • Romania

  • Ukraine

  • Colombia

  • Haiti

  • Guatemala

  • USA

Please review our current projects, our blog and/or our social network pages and join us in prayer, in support, or on a short term trip, as the Lord leads.