Evelyn Badillo-Cordero
Puerto Rico

Evelyn Badillo-Cordero serves as a missionary through consulting, teaching and training church and ministry leaders in the areas of counseling and mental health issues. She has served in this capacity in Africa, the Caribbean, and New York since 2009.  The counseling trainings are based on Biblical principles and are tailored to meet the emotional needs of those being served.

Evelyn is currently based in Puerto Rico where she also serves in a ministry that works with children from impoverished areas by counseling through the arts. In addition, she shares God’s Word in churches throughout the island and continues to support various overseas missions’ projects as a counseling consultant.

Jacqueline Meihsner

Jacqueline Meihsner has been serving as a missionary in Kosova since 1999 following the war that took the lives of nearly 10,000 ethnic Albanians.  The first six years of her service were spent mothering 5 orphans and supporting the local church.  

Currently she works with children and youth in unreached areas teaching English and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She ministers under the Church of the Lord Jesus in Gjakove.  She leads a weekly Bible study and is a partner of Please Pass the Bread whose mission is to share the love of Christ by feeding hungry children and developing income generating projects that will sustain families in the future.

My Brother’s Keeper
Bronx, New York

My Brother’s Keeper is a faith-based organization formed to aid, assist and provide outreach services to under privileged youth and families in urban neighborhoods. The goal of our organization is to meet the holistic needs of the families in the communities we serve and improve their overall quality of life.

One Call Mission

One Call Missions is a Non-profit Christian Organization of men and women from different nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds with one call, to glorify Jesus Christ.  We provide evangelistic outreaches to communities where Jesus Christ is not yet known, church planting, church discipleship, pastors training, education programs, and feeding programs to impoverished communities.  Through our love and service our mission is to reach the unreached and those hurting at any cost.

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